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National Championship Rings of the 1950’s

The golden age of Football at Michigan State began with the hiring of Coach Biggie Munn in the late 1940’s. What Coach Munn accomplished along with his line Coach Duffy Daugherty and future successor is unparalleled in the history of College Football. Four National Championships during the 1950’s. Truly a decade of the Spartans, which continued into the mid 1960’s with 2 more National Championships.

MSU Championship Ring - 1950sYou all have seen the National Championship Rings the 1965 and 1966 teams were awarded when they were crowned champions.  But in the 1950’s for what ever reason, rings were not awarded to the teams of 1951, 1952, 1955 and 1957. This was an injustice done back then not because the accomplishments weren’t recognized, but because it just wasn’t common practice back then to do so with rings.

The players association has gotten many calls after we made championship rings available to all 1965 and 1966 players. With the approval of the University and working with Jostens Jewelers, we have created National Championship Rings for all of the players that were on the rosters of those four teams.

The rings look very similar to the 1965/1966 rings. They are 10K Gold rings with a green shamrock spinel stone and a 15 point diamond sitting in the center.  All six (6) of our National Championship rings take on a similar look which complements the tradition of Michigan State Football.  This truly will be a proud display of MSU’s past accomplishments for many generations to come.

National Championship Rings for 1965 and 1966 Teams


MSU Championship Ring 65-66Do to various reasons, many of you have lost or misplaced your National Championship Rings and have requested a replacement. Up until now, we were unable to reproduce our Championship Ring, but most recently we were able to work with Jostens of Minneapolis, and replicate the ring. It looks great and we are ready to take orders for those of you who are missing yours. Another issue arose, which both Coach Bullough and the MSUFPA felt needed to be resolved. Many players of the teams didn’t receive a Ring for one reason or another, and have requested if they also could participate in the program. After considerable thought and debate, this was an issue that should be left up to those who actually received the Ring initially.

For several reasons including budget restrictions and NCAA/Big Ten requirements back in 1965-66 only so many Rings were awarded to players and administration personnel of the University. This was determined by Coach Duffy Daughtery and his Staff. Those that did not letter were excluded and this has been an underlying issue for several years. The non recipients truly felt that their efforts in preparing the team for their undefeated seasons were as valuable as those provided by the ticket manager, business manager, student managers, and trustees.

It is with extreme pleasure that we announce, the original ring recipients overwhelmingly elected to give their teammates the opportunity to purchase their National Championship Ring which has been long overdue.

A committee of Coaches, Players and Managers were selected and an honest attempt has been made to include all former players, coaches and managers who were legitimately a part of the 1965 and 1966 squads. This list is meant to be all inclusive and honor all participants affiliated with the squads.

MSUFPA Membership Ring

The MSUFPA membership ring is available to all MSUFPA members. This ring includes a gold Spartan head embossed into a green oval stone. On one side, the design has the traditional Block “S”, while the other side has the traditional MSUFPA logo. The ring also includes “SPARTAN FOOTBALL 1884”, which resembles the official beginning of our program. This ring also recognizes those players who played under the M.A.C. and MSC Eras.

MSUFPA RingThe gold ring signifies the strength and historic traditions of Spartan Football.





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